W7 Makeup Remover Cookie Cleansing Pads


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The W7 Makeup Remover Cookie 2.0 is your answer to sustainable cleansing!

This cute, polka-dot cleansing pad is double-sided and made from super-soft microfibres that ensure a thorough removal of makeup using only water.

Not only is the cookie great for sensitive skin, it can also be put in the washing machine after each use, making it super reusable and a cleansing must-have.

Directions for use:

  • Clean and wash your W7 Makeup Remover Cookie before its first use
  • Hold your Makeup Remover Cookie under warm, running water until saturated
  • Using small, circular motions, gently rub and wipe off your makeup until it has all been removed
  • Clean and wash your Makeup Remover Cookie in time for its next use!


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